Academic Support Services

Library Services

The Library at PCS plays a vital role in the total educational program of the school. Providing a program of services and resources, the library enhances the academic curriculum and addresses the interest and abilities of students. The PCS Library strives to provide materials that encourage spiritual and intellectual growth as well as help students appreciate their cultural, social, and political heritage. Above all else, our goal is to help students develop a lifelong love of reading. All grades have scheduled library periods. Teachers may also schedule library time for students when assignments require research through books, reference material, and the internet. The library is open to all students during its regularly scheduled hours whenever there are no classes taking place. PCS students also participate in the Accelerated Reader program. Accelerated Reader develops and promotes comprehension skills, vocabulary building, knowledge and writing skills that students will use in all subject areas. Students select and read a wide variety of books that they select based on their interests. After reading, they take computerized quizzes that assess whether they completed and understood the book. There are classroom as well as library incentives to reach milestones.

Currently, the library has I-Pads to be used for research, Accelerated Reader quizzes, and searching for books.

Our library currently holds over eight thousand books and has the capacity to double its titles. We are continually adding to our collection and we gratefully accept donations during the year. An annual Scholastic Book Fair takes place twice per year to help encourage students to keep on reading.

Library Hours: T-Th 8:30-3:00  

Academic Support Services

Students at PCS are offered Academic Support Services through our school wide tutoring program. Tutoring is a period of one on one individual instruction to help students experience success, and find self confidence in areas where they are having difficulty. Individual needs and learning styles are taken into consideration as support is provided to facilitate individual student progress.

Tutors provide support in math, phonics, reading (to include reading readiness, decoding words, word meaning, comprehension, remedial reading, etc.).

Spelling, language, memorization skills, and vocabulary building are other learning “tools" with which students may be challenged. Our tutors provide guidance, assistance, direction, and support where most needed.

The cost is currently $15.00 per half-hour session.

For information about academic support, please call the school office at 805.934.1253 or email Cindy Pinzon at